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Case study 1 - IT related change for a major County Council

Providing the service of a senior project manager

August  2010 to August 2012

Part of a team that delivered the ‘Making a Difference’ programme introducing new ways of working while making more efficient use of space and facilities, working closely in a multi-disciplinary team of other programme and project managers.  Ran the IT work stream rationalising the office accommodation and delivered IT infrastructure (WAN/LAN/telephony/servers), staff migrations, and associated change within a budget of £1.6m.  Managed a small direct team and matrix managed additional internal resources as needed by the programme; also managed third party suppliers in respect of network and telephony infrastructure and moves.

Worked closely with the desktop refresh programme that rolled out windows 7, thin clients, and mobile working ensuring infrastructure and moves met the requirements of the refresh.

The office space rationalisation delivered a desk ratio of 3 desks to 5 staff introducing mobile and flexible working supported by a hot desk and flex desk deployment in conjunction with the desktop refresh; and worked closely with the services in the delivery of this IT related business change.  This successfully achieved optimisation of office space increasing occupation density across the retained portfolio and increasing space utilisation.

Infrastructure savings were achieved by the closure and decommissioning of 4 major offices and a number of smaller sites buildings accounting for more than 1400 seats of accommodation.

Set up and implemented new office space collocations with eight partner district and borough authorities; developing relationships with both IT and property managers ensuring smooth space preparation and staff moves.  IT was delivered by means of newly developed and deployed infrastructure solutions utilising shared WAN and LAN meeting both organisations requirement and complying with the GCSX code of connection approvals.  Also integrated with partner telephony systems for extension interoperability to improve collaboration and achieve saving on external call costs.

Relocated more than 4,000 staff to facilitate building closure, collocations, and space optimisation; including all associated user profile and data migrations.  Also provided new or upgraded servers (Novell) where required to support the staff migrations.

Delivered the IT infrastructure fit out of and associated staff moves to a new 350 seat building including design, specifications and fit out for server, comms and hub rooms and building cabling, LAN, WAN and telephony  (Cisco IPT) connectivity.

Created and piloted a solution providing secure access to corporate applications via partner thin clients and the reverse for partners to access their application.